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Zoetza’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jan 2006

Location: Stonehaven, UK

MapHello, and Happy New Year
I know a New Years celebration update is duly necessary, but so much happened that I am going to have to pre-write this one, and put it up once I have figured out the literary ingenious of it all!! But sometime soon it will follow.
This week Tina has taken us hill walking, which has been amazing, despite the pain my body might say it's feeling. Buck up there you old lazy body!! That's what I say!! We went to Clochnaben
and Dunnottar Castle, which were amazing!!!!!! They were everything I imagined and hoped Scotland would be. I took a million pictures!!! It was beautiful!! And the best part of all, was that Dunnottar Castle was where they filmed Shakespeare's Hamlet, the best one, which was of course the one with Mel Gibson.
Now we are on our wild hunt to find a flat, which is proving WAY more frustrating and complicated and disheartening than we ever imagined it would be, but we're still trying, and I will let you know when we are in a place..... which I truly hope works itself out soon!!!!
much love