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Zoetza’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Jan 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

MapGreetings to all of you -
I have finally arrived - I am now living in a flat with Jenna in Aberdeen - FINALLY!! The job search is still priority right now. Jenna has an interview and a trial shift this week, but I have been utterly sick, and not motivated for the job hunting buisness. I am feeling better for the first time, and have finally gotten off the couch from my nose blowing mania, and out into the real world.
Our flat is great - well it's ours anyways.... It is furnished in the same way that it likely was 40 years ago. And we are in a bit of a budget housing area - a little crazy at night, but nothing we can't manage - I did live on Aylmer street :) And we lived through the heckling in Athens, I think we will be fine.
I know pictures are well overdue, and I meant to bring my camera to the internet cafe today, but I forgot. But now I have somewhere I can upload pictures, so it shouldn't be too long now.
Also Jetson has been living at our place for the last week, cooking us amazing meals, and keeping us entertained. She is headed off to Thailand tomorrow, so we will have to say goodbye to her.... and her cooking..... what will we do now???
Oh one funny fact so far that we have noticed about Scotland. In Canada they have 'Children Crossings' for schools and park areas. Here around senior citizen homes they have 'Elderly Crossing' signs. Quite quite funny.....
Also we should have a phone soon as well, we have signed up, jumped through all the BT (British Telecommunications) hoops in order to get our phone hooked up, and still no luck.... It should be here by mid-week, and I will let you know.
Also, I hope a job is in the near future. This week will be full of JOB HUNTING for me.... keep your fingers crossed for me!!
Cheers, I hope all is well
much love