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Zoetza’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Feb 2006

Location: ABERDEEN, UK

MapHiya (that is my new british term that i just can't stop using!!! especially at work, that is my only form of greeting!!) So, as you know I have started my new job at TGFS (otherwise known as 'the good food shop') we sell cornish pasty's which are pastries filled with different fillings, the traditional ones being filled with potatoes, steak, onions and spices, but we also have: steak and onion, onion and bacon, onion and cheese, haggis, chicken and bacon etc.... they're all pretty salty, but they're okay. We also sell a ride range of sausage rolls, and other haggis sausage rolls, onion and cheese rolls, etc................ We are a store made of foods that will make you fat..... Also a wide range of baguettes... now at our store all the baguettes are made with premade fillings: prawn marie rose (which sounds more romantic than it is, it is actually shrimp and mayo) and chinese chicken (which is the most flourescent colour of pink you have ever seen, it is frightening that a chicken sandwich filling should be that colour, but welcome to Scotland where the packaging is plentiful, and the flavours and smells are all artificial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Well, the job is okay... it's simple enough. I think a monkey could probably do the job...... but money is money.... The best part of all is that any kitchen experience I may have ever known has gone right out the window. On thursday I got a mini lesson on mopping.... and my favorite aspect of all is my 'INDUCTION PACKAGE' which is a list of all the rules of the place, and expectations etc. Now, in this package there is fill in the blank section for finding the number of : fire alarms_____ fire extinguishers______ location of the first aid kit______ , and a grid type section that mimicks the display case of food where I get to fill in where which pasty is located in the display case. Wonderful, and then finally, the best part of all is where I get to make a baguette sandwich. Now I don't just have to make the baguette sandwich, but I get marked on it out of /10 by my 'trainer'. Yes, that's right - I get marked on my ability to make a sandwich - where the fillings are premade, the lettuce is chopped, and all I am required to do is slice the baguette, use a spoon to scoop in the fillings, and sprinkle the prechopped lettuce inside. I havn't done it yet because I think it's rediculous, but once someone asks me to do it, and I get a mark out of ten I will let you know how it works out... This job really makes me feel successful and like I'm accomplishing something important with my life while I am here in Aberdeen.... However Jenna started something at her job, which I am continuing with as well. At Jenna's job (waitress at Bruce Millers Cafe) at the end of the day if there are any leftover scones at the end of the day, they just throw them out... well there are a number of homeless people who live on the streets, and Jenna began taking the scones and handing them out to the homeless. Now, they throw out all the pasty's, sausage rolls, etc at the end of the night at my job too, and while we are allowed to take them home to eat them, we are not allowed to hand them out to the homeless (for the fear that the homeless people will know where the food is from, and come back to the store and ask for free food.....) So... I am on a covert mission now to pretend like I eat all the food, all the while handing it out to those more needy than ourselves..................
It's a strange strange world we live in here in Aberdeen - not quite what was expected, but we are planning a trip to go to Ireland in late Feb or early March, so that will give us something to look forward too, a silver lining if you will.....
Also, I really meant to put pictures up today, my one day off where I have an opportunity to go to the internet cafe, however I forgot my usb cord at home, so you will all have to wait until next Saturday for them.. sorry.
Other than the start of my new job (which has proved to be simple, and tedious.... it does on the positive side pay on a weekly basis, and before I go home, i will have about 1 week of paid vacation I can use, which will be great!!!
So - i hope all is well with everyone back home, we are surviving on this side of the world, ( and we both are getting really up to date on our British soaps: ie Coronation Street and East Enders) WHOOHOO Exciting life we lead.
much love - Zo