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james and chris’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Nov 2005

Location: Hong Kong

MapSo we have been on the road now for 4 days and thought it was about time we let you know how we are going.
Day 1. Chris is on antibiotics. We both have flu signs. Ive got the shits- all this and we have nt even left chesterfield!- oh, and I threw my malaria tablet up too- not an ideal start.
So we journey down to Heathrow with mum and dad. Chris looking a bit nervous- but then again he has never left home before. I think to myself what is he letting himself in for- and what am I letting myself in for!
I found the flight tough- only done one 11 hour flight before and it really took alot out of me. On the flight over I was trying to work out where Chris had travelled before- to give me some confidence in my travel buddy- I was at a loss so asked him 'Chris, where is the furthest east you have been'. After a brief pause he replied 'Er, I watched United at Norwich a few years back'. Oh shit.

So first full day in Hong Kong and Im ashamed to say we fell at the first hurdle= we went to McDonalds! And i wish I could say it was all down to Chris but I cant. So far the food has been good. Chris is not really a fan of Chinese food. His idea of foreign food is a Lancashire Hot Pot, but so far all has been well.

So we did the usual stuff in Hong Kong. Went up the Peak for amazing views of the harbour. Took a ferry ride from Kowloon bay, where we are staying, to Hong Kong Island- amazing views of the sky line. The best thing so far was going for a drink on floor 29 on the Peking Tower. A really exclusive bar/restaurant that this German guy told us to check out- again, amazing views of the sky line. That is the end of the luxuries for a while (although chris wanted to have dinner there the next night!)- those 2 beers cost a nights accommodation!
So we are now off to the airport- fly to Bangkok in 4 hours. We will have 2-3 night there before heading to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
Hope everyone is well. Take care.
J and C