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Nathalie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Oct 2005

Location: Shamwari, South Africa

MapOh, my god!!! Today was the most fantastic day ! !
Well, we started the day with a game drive... After lunch we went back onto the reserve to do some work - we had to cut down an acasia tree that was blocking the road...
When we'd finished we thought that was it for the day and that we were heading home... BUT no! We we taken to a secret location - not knowing what was going to happen??
We arrived at a house where John was stood waiting by his backie... When we got out of the land rover we were told to get in the back of his backie and "hold it down"... When I saw what was in that car I couldn't believe my eyes... - a big male cheetah had been darted and we were to hold it down because it was only a sedative of the muscles - so, it was wide awake! We all got in the car & and drove off... At first none of us could believe it, but then it started regaining its strength & we had to call for John to give it another shot - by that point it was already moving around & making noises (".)
Well, we took it to a boma because it is to be sold... This was really the best surprise EVER - I still can't believe I actually sat in the back of a backie with a cheetah ! ! !
At night - seing it was Halloween - we all got dressed up & went to Louies for a drink. You can imagine the looks we got. Of course we were the only ones dressed up...
Anyway, we had a great evening & an unforgettable day!