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Nathalie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Nov 2005

Location: South Africa

MapFinally I’ve been able to find time to update you all (“,) Apart from working & having gone on game drives nothing much happened on Tuesday & Wednesday so, I’ll start with

Thursday (3/11):
After breakfast we all went to Bayethe on the reserve… Here we took a walk collecting branches from trees for later identification… Steve told us about their uses & names, but we still found it tricky to identify all of them when we came home.
Later on we went for a visit to some of the lodges in Shamwari. The first lodge we visited was Lobengula. We were taken to one of the rooms & the spa, which looked really nice! Afterwards we went to Bayethe & Eagles Crag. All of the lodges were very luxurious – I would not mind going on another guest experience & stay in one of those lodges… In the evening we went to Louies. (Normally it’s not open on a Thursday but the electricity went off in all of Alicedale Wednesday night - & so it was open…)
The last couple of days it has been very windy & cold. Of course it was no different yesterday…

Friday (4/11):
Early in the morning 3 of the girls from the group went with Steve to walk the fences… The rest of us went with Anja in the Landrover to find the elephants… It was so cold! I had on 3 pairs of trousers, 2 shirts, my fleece & a blanket & I still froze… We had no luck locating the elephants, however, we came across the lions & took lots of pictures so we could do some profiling when we got home…
We were all very pleased to stay home in the afternoon because it was raining & COLD. Though it’s really nice with some rain – the waterholes on the reserves could really do with a “re-fill”.
@ night we went to Louies. The 2 new girls, who arrived on Tuesday, still hadn’t been yet… We had a great time & in true UK student style they had road kill (it’s a sort of tradition to do one when you’ve just arrived here – it’s a shooter (Amarula & red zappa) that you lick off the bar)

Saturday (5/11):
Today has been a very relaxing day… I woke up @ o’clock & got ready to go to Station Bar. Me & 3 other girls was going to help out @ a children’s birthday party by painting their faces… It was really nice to help out – even though I cannot paint or draw for that matter (“.)
Afterwards we went back to the house & relaxed in front of the TV… Rach & me had booked a massage at Bushman Sands, so we went there at 13.30. Oh my God, it was so nice!!! When we arrived we were taken to the wet room where they had a sauna, shower, a cool pool & a spa… We had about 45 minutes there & it was so nice… Afterwards two massage therapists came & took us to a separate room where we had the massage… It was the most relaxing thing I’ve ever tried. First I got a back, neck & shoulder massage followed by a facial – money well spent!!!
Nothing else has happened today so far.