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Nathalie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Nov 2005

Location: Shamwari, South Africa

MapAfter breakfast me, Rosie & Em went with Anja to go do some monitoring of the giraffes. On our way Steve radioed us saying that he’d found the elephants by a waterhole, so we went there… Got some great photos that will soon be on the website, hopefully! (I tried putting some on yesterday but apparently they were the wrong size or something?)
When we thought we’d gotten all the pics we needed we drove back to where we’d seen the giraffes earlier to pick up where we left off. And I am sooooo glad we did….
When we were sat there looking at them John (O’Brian) came driving past & said: “If you want come with me now!” I was really curious because I noticed some meat in the back of his backie… But that was all I saw.
We followed him to the boma and I thought we were going to feed the cheetah we took there on Monday, but no. We got out of the car & he said we could take our pics now. I looked and there was the most beautiful animal ever – a leopard. Apparently it had escaped from the reserve & now it has to get trained into fearing the electric fences again… But that wasn’t the best part! After we’d taken our pics – it was so soft you can’t believe it – we went inside the boma with it… A woman from Animal Planet was there filming the whole thing so we had to be really quiet. When she was finished we had the chance to get some more shots before it woke up. It was already half awake when my picture was taken & it was growling at me (“.)
We went back to the car & watched the leopard slowly regaining its strength. All of a sudden the lady (she does the program called “Lyndall’s Lifeline) said she wanted to film us so guess what. Not only did I touch a leopard I’m going to be on TV in a year – ON ANIMAL PLANET! ! Jubii…!
We were all so exited when we drove back. None of us could stop smiling… After lunch it was off to work. We did some alien plant control. We chopped down plants that are destroying the natural plants. It was a really nice day to do it because the air was cool & it was really hard work…
It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!