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Nathalie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Nov 2005

Location: Shamwari & Hogsback, South Africa

MapToday was a really exiting day! We had breakfast @ the house because we were leaving at 6.30 to go dart the lioness. We had been driving around for a couple of hours when we all of a sudden got called on the radio & was told it had already been darted. So, off we went to go meet up with the others & drive to the wildlife center where the clinic is. When we arrived we took lots of pics & I was soo exited! You really cannot imagine how big a lion actually is!! Then the lion was taken to the operation table where we watched Johan put a transmitter in its stomach. The filming crew from Animal Planet was there as well & I was standing right behind Johan during the surgery, so I was filmed!!! Again!!!
Afterwards we got the opportunity to take photos of us with the lion before it was taken to recovery… I’ve said this a couple of times now but it was the best experience ever!
After lunch I packed a bag because I was going to Hogsback with Anneke (from the Station Bar), Rosie & Samara… Our first stop was in Fort Beaufort where we wanted to get a drink… But there wasn’t exactly anywhere to get one, so we ended up at the gas station. When we had finished the ice cream we’d bought we drove straight to Hogsback… It was very beautiful. Apparently the forests surrounding the small town inspired the guy that wrote “The Hobbit”…
We drove down the main street – or the only street – before we checked in at Away with the Ferries Backpackers where we had rented a cottage… Of course it was called “The Hobbit” and I understand why… Let’s just say it was petite… I was the only one that actually fit through the door, so you can imagine how I felt right at home (“,) When we had settled in we went for dinner. After having driven around for almost half an hour looking for a place to eat we found a place called “Nina’s”. The food was really nice. I had chocolate brownie for dessert – with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream. It was soo good!!
When we came back to “The Hobbit” we talked for a bit around the fire before we went to bed… Today was the best day ever!