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Nathalie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2005

Location: South Africa

MapToday we were away all day because we were going to Born Free, so we brought packed lunches… Two of the new people (Georgina & Samara) had left to go on the guest experience so we only went in one car…
When we arrived Glen told us we were going to dissect a cow. It stank so badly & apparently it had been dead for too long because they couldn’t use it for the cats. So, we went back to the freezer & got some cow legs, heads & springhares instead.
And then we went feeding the cats. It’s always exiting to go to Born Free but I find it so sad thinking of their back grounds…
When we got back we all relaxed a bit before dinner. At the moment we’re getting ready to go to Louie’s…

Hopefully everyone doing great – I’m still having the best time ever!!