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Nathalie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Nov 2005

Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

MapToday we all got up early. Some of the others & myself (Emma, Lexie, Emily, Ross & Rosie) had arranged to go to PE for the day. We were picked up by taxi at the student house at 9am. When we arrived we arranged with the driver to pick us up again at 11pm & then we went to the Boardwalk. The first thing we did was to book a table at the Chinese restaurant – some of the others had been there when I was on road trip with AJ, Brad, Rach & Liz - & they said the food there was great & cheap… Afterwards we bought “breakfast”, which were crepes Suzettes – they were delicious!!!
When we had finished we talked about what we wanted to do until lunch. We all felt like going to the cinema but first we went shopping… Afterwards we split up in two groups. Emily & Rosie wanted to go to the market and so, the rest of us went to arcade. We arranged to meet at the cinema at 12.15. Rosie, Ross & Emily wanted to see “Zorro” and myself, Emma & Lexie saw “In Her Shoes” – probably one of the worst movies ever! But it was really cheap – only R20 for a ticket.
We all met up outside – luckily both films ended at the same time… And then we went to get lunch. We all felt like having either pasta or pizza, so, “Michelangelo’s pizza & pasta” was the perfect place to go & it was the best pizza I’ve ever had!! When we’d finished our lunch we didn’t really know what to do – we’d already been through all the shops so we decided to go to Pickn’Pay. On the way back we stopped at the beachfront because Rosie & Emma wanted to go swimming. It was really windy so no one else went… Afterwards we went back to the boardwalk to get something to drink.
Some had hot chocolate, others had coffee but Emma wanted a strawberry margarita. We were all looking very much forward to dinner at that time but there was still more than a hour to go. Emma & me didn’t feel like wandering around for that long so we went to the restaurant to get a drink, while the others went to the arcade. At 8pm we had dinner; sizzling beef, spring rolls, noodles with chicken, crispy beef (which was really good!) & much more…