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Nathalie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2005

Location: Wilderness, South Africa

MapThe next morning we were supposed to get up at 7am to make breakfast & get ready to leave camp, but it was raining s we slept until 8am. When we finished our breakfast, cleared camp & packed our bags you really couldn’t see that we’d been there. And so, we started walking to the next camp site. I wouldn’t say it was a hard walk but it was up hill & down hill, so, it was challenging. On the way we stopped at a lake, where we went swimming. Keep in mind we weren’t allowed to bring soap or deodorant to the wilderness so it was really nice - & cooling! Afterwards we had another 40 minutes to camp. We walked along an old elephant track so of course we collected some dung for the fire at night. When we arrived I was shocked at how open it was. Last nights camp was nothing compared to this. We were to sleep under a tree – which was perfect for lions. You could actually see scratch marks! Opposite that tree was the perfect tree for a leopard. Even though I love both the lion & the leopard I’d preferre them staying away just for the night – especially on my watch! The first thing we did was yet again to collect water – this time Samara went in & came out with a lot of lichens on her feet! Afterwards we had lunch (tuna sandwiches) & then we all rested for a bit. When we woke up it was quite late so we started boiling water for tea/coffee before cooking dinner. Again we had goulash & again we toasted marshmallows on the fire. Today Emma & me got shift 1 & 2, which we were very happy about! Only today everyone went to bed at 9pm so the shifts were longer than yesterday. We had to keep watch from 21.00-23.50. Even though it went quick it was very painful on the back – you have to sit upright so the fire illumines your face. That way the animals watching can see that someone is still awake… Again we survived & it was so nice being able to go to bed!