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Nathalie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Dec 2005

Location: Cape Town - PE, South Africa

MapNooo! Today we had to leave to go back to Alicedale & work. Emily, Rosie, Rach & myself got up at 8am because we wanted to go to the waterfront before we had to leave for the airport. We got back to Aardvark at 10.45am & packed the rest of our things. At 11am we checked out & got in a taxi for the airport. The flight didn’t take long in my point of view – maybe because I was asleep the whole way (“,). Arriving in PE we thought we had a taxi waiting for us to take us to Alicedale, however, no one was there. After some time we called the guy, who normally drives us, when we need to go somewhere. Though, he was already in Alicedale so we waited at the airport for app. 2 hours before we were actually on hour way.
It had been such a great trip, but it was quite nice to return to our known surroundings…