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Tuesday, 01 Nov 2005

Location: Shanghai, China

MapUnfotunately I didn't know about this site until yesterday so some of the is already out of date.
So far the following events have taken place.
I am now in Shanghai, although I had some more fun before leaving HK. I met a really cool Irish couple on Saturday and we sat up drinking most of the night with another guy from Switzerland. The next day I headed up The Peak on HK island to view the city and harbour. You reach the Peak by tram and the climb is so steep that you are practically lying down. I think it's about 50 metres above sea level.
Once at the top the walk round is about 2km, which with a hangover is quite hard!
The next day was a a day for dim sum, which is not dumplings like I
thought but style of breakfast whereby they bring lots of little
dishes with veg and dumplings and other things I couldn't identify.
They also bring a never ending supply of tea which is good for re
hydration, especially as the temp was about 25 - 28 the whole time. After that we visited the Flower market which was beautiful and the Jade market which was just cheap crap, not real jade. That was followed by a walk to the harbour and a visit to the Hong Kong museum which is really informative.
That was followed by a walk along the Pier to the Star ferry and
another boat ride to the island. Walked to Wan Chai which is one of the oldest parts of the island and has a weird mixture of modern skyscrapers towering over really old flats, which made one of my old flats look like the Hilton!
Tuesday was a trip to Ocean Park with friends. It's a theme park with all the usual stuff except they have giant pandas! There was also a dolphin show and other things. Needless to say I bought a t-shirt to proof I was there. That was followed by a visit to a noodle bar for dinner and a movie.
I won't bore you with the rest of the week as it was mostly visiting
temples and stuff.
I flew to Shanghai on Friday which was cool, although I was a little
bit worried by the food as I cold recognise any of it! You will be
pleased to know that it was raining when I got here although not cold. I met a french guy called Michael at the airport who is staying in the same hostel as me so we proceeding to spend about half an hour walking
in the rain finding the hostel. The hostel is so much better that the one in HK, they have proper mattresses and duvets and free in
internet! So far I have not ventured to far although it is difficult to walk in this city as the mopeds and bicycles rid on the pavements and ignore the pedestrian crossings! Hopefully I will survive my first day