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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Nov 2005

Location: Shanghai, China

MapI have been staying in Shanghai now since Friday and each day has been better than the rest. The hostel is superb, it is clean comfy and has a good bar.!
Saturday was spent mostly wandering around Nanjing Road which is the main shopping area and The Bund which is the area along the water front. This city is so different from HK, it is not as clean or efficient and tyhe locals insist on walking in front of you or cutting in line because you are a westerner. I have learned though that if you just raise your voice and say something in english they back off.
The architecture hear is very different, you can really see the british influence in the building, very grey and dull looking!. There are some skyscrapers here but not as many as HK.
I spent the evening in the bar with some really nice people, there were Tom and Laura from England, Laurent and Livia from Switzerland and quite a few Chinese. The good thing is that I have some good tips for travel and accomodation for both Beijing and Xian.
I spent sunday lounging in a restuarant with Helen who is from Wales. You can eat for very little over here and the view of the Bund was worth the price alone. I met a really nice guy called Vitor from Brazil in the hostel and we mostly played pool (very badly) and chatted. The other people in the hostel are very friendly. Even the staff who work there seem to socialise with the travellers so you can pick up some Cantonese too.
Monday was spent in the Pudong area of Shanghai with Luarent and Livia. We went to the Jinmao Tower to visit the Grant Hyatt hotel which is on the 55th floor. The view from the bar is amazing so we bought some coffees and took a few pictures. The rest of the day was sepnt mostly wandering about the Pudong area. IN the evening I had to say goodbye to Vitor as he was heading back to Brazil. Jerry the barman bought a chess set so we played a few games, he won 2 and I won 2 and then just about everyone else in the bar wanted to play!
Today I am in the Shanghai library using the internet. The library is in the French Concession which is a really nice area. The streets are a lot quieter and you are not being constantly chased off the pavement by mopeds. The french influence is relfected in the buildings. You could grab a cup of coffee and almost imagine that you were in a quite suburb of Paris.