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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Nov 2005

Location: Shanghai, China

MapWell, still her but soon to be leaving. Shanghai really does have a lot to offer if you avoid the beggars, touts and constand stream of traffic trying to kill you.
I visited the first meeting place of the Communist Party of China and also the Yuyuan gardens which are really nice but you have to try and get past all of the shop surrounding it first.
Met some new people, Becky and David from lancaster, Ross from South Africa and Troy from Oz. We decided to go out drinking to a place that serves women free cocktails in the hope of getting them really drunk! It was a good (and very cheap night) but ended at 5 am eating Frog Wonton in an all night cafe!! Yes people, I eat frog and not just the legs.

Next day was a bit of a wash out as I had to check out of the hostel at 12 and didn't go to bed until 6am. Basically hung around the hostel playing chess with the bar staff until a few folks showed up for beers! I was told by the staff that i will be missed at the hostel so I must have a reputation I don't know about.
Too the hard sleeper train on Thursday night to Beijing which was an experience. I think a bottle of vodka might have helped. The people are rude and whilst the beds are OK, mine was about 7 feet up and trying to get my rucksack up was hard, not to mention the fact that they charge really haigh prices for packets of food which i am not sure even is food.
The hostel in Beiging is nice though and a few friends will be here tomorrow from Shanghai.
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