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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Nov 2005

Location: Great Wall, China

MapThe trip to the great wall was brilliant. We left at 7 am and arrives at Simatai at about 11am. At that point we left the bus and began a 10km hike to Jinshanling. This part of the wall is almost completely devoid of tourists which was great, and when I say hike I mean hike, the wall can be so steep in places that i could barely walk up one stair after another. Then there are sections which have crumbled and you need to use your hands so that you don't fall. The walk didn't feel like 10km as the views are amazing (see photos). met some really nice people too so I wasn't alone at any point which was nice we could all appreciate the scall of the thing together.
Thankfully I had my water pack as other wise I thinkI might have collapsed! It is cold in beijing but hot climbing the wall.
At the end of the hike I took an aerial slide across a lake to the other side and then a boat to the car park. There are no phots as I was too busy hanging on!