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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Nov 2005

Location: Chengdu, China

MapArrived in Chengdu by plane from Xian. The flight was OK and getting
out of the airport was easy and only 10 Kwai (slang for the RMB) on
the shuttle bus. I walked in the centre until I was lost then took a
taxi for 8 kwai. The driver dropped me at the end of a derelict street
in the rain which had me thinking i was in for it but thankfully not!
They were digging up the road and in China it means walking in
the dirt not a nice diversion somewhere else.
The hostel was nice although initially I was put in a room with a baby
so I was happy to be moved about an hour later,
I spent most of the day trying to book travel from Wuhan to Xiamen but
later found out that they couldn't book any travel from outside
Chengdu. After a futile effort to find the train station I gave up and
went back for a beer.
I met some really nice people and we all sat about chatting until
there was a power cut and we decided to head into town for food, armed
with a Lonely Planet guide to Mandarin.
When I got back the lights were on but I decided to call it an early
night I as I was being picked up at 6.30 am