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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Nov 2005

Location: Yangtze River, China

Map6am - wake up call!

When I got out of the bathroom at 6 am I was asked by one of the
chinese girls if she could take me picture! I agreed but only because I was too tired to say no.
Our first visit at 7am was to the Ghost City which is apparently where the Chinese from the local area would go and ask to be judged to find out if they were going to heaven or hell. It was a bit of a climb and was in the dark for the first half hour.
On the way back down there were all of these building which looked like flats being knocked down as they will be covered by the river when the damn is finally full. it was a weird site as they didn't have machinery but did everything by hand.
The only disappointment was that our guide was chinese and the tour was in Chinese so you just followed and looked. William translated some of it then gave up trying to understand the guys dialect. When we were back on the boat we stood on deck freezing to death to admire the view and have a beer!

At 1pm we were let off again to visit the Pear Pavilion Pagoda which is a really cool pagoda stuck on the side of a hill. There were these chinese men and woman who would carry you to the entrance for 10 kwai on a bamboo chair they carried between them. Wait till you see the photos.

That night we had dinner in the restaurant then played cards and drank beer until about 10.30pm then it was lights out.