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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2005

Location: Three Gorges and the Damn, China

MapAnother 6am start.
We were on deck in the cold and dark to watch the sun rise over the first of the three gorges. They are incredible. I have lots of photos so won't bore you but we took a tour boat through the Lesser three gorges and then a bamboo boat through the lesser lesser three gorges!!

We sailed the second and third of the big gorges whilst back on the big boat.
Went for a bit of a kip as we were visiting the Damn at 6pm.
Unfortunately it was more like 8pm and it was dark and raining. The tour took us to the damn for about 15mins then a lot of useless tourist crap and we had to wait for an hour on our boat arriving as it had to make its way through 5 locks. Eventually we were on board at 1.30am!!!!
We were kicked off the boat at 5.30 that morning which meant no sleep. I then had to climb about fifty odd steps with my rucksack just to get to the bus! Have to admit the rucksack doesn't feel as heavy now as it did in the beginning but my calves are definitely bigger!