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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Nov 2005

Location: End of the Boat trip, China

MapArrived in Wuhan but didn't know where!. Thankfully a group of Spanish people on the bus suggested finding a big hotel to get directions. It didn't take too long to get a taxi to the travel agency and pick up my ticket before heading to the train station.
The train was possible the worst I have been on. There were no rooms like the T train just a corridor and lots of bunks with very thin dividing walls. Anyway, after 19 hours and my first poo on a moving train over a squat toilet I arrived in Xiamen! At first the taxi
drivers would not take me to my hotel but after three attempts I
finally got someone. However, he did take me to the wrong hotel first!

So now I am in sunny thailand where everything is soooo cheap.