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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Dec 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapHaving finally decided to leave Bangkok, I had what was probably the most interesting journey at 7.30 in the morning. I had booked myself onto a bus for Cambodia but instead this guy turned up with a moped and preceded to put my rucksack on the front of the bike and me on the back with my baby rucksack, camera bag and bag of food! This may not sound like a great feat but when my bag weighs about 21kgs and I weigh just slightly more I'm surprised that we went anywhere. !
Anyway, 5 hours on an air con bus later and I arrived at the border with Cambodia. Crossing is actually very easy although you have to walk for about 10 mins across a no mans land of casinos(!) to the Cambodian side.
Once through we were all taken by tuk tuk to a bus station where the biggest pile of crap you have every seen was waiting to take us on the 5 hour journey to Siem Reap. It had no air con (it's soooo hot here), no toilet and it was filthy. They even had to store our luggage on the seats and on the floor as therewas no luggage space. Still I went to exchange some money and came out a quarter of a millionaire!
But that was just the beginning, the road from Poipet to Siem Reap is nothing more than a dirt track and there are no street lights! When we set off it was quite cool as I could hang out of window and take photos or just watch the world go by. But as it got darker the only thing you were watching for was the lights of the oncoming cars in the middle of the road!
I don't think we every got above 30 miles an hour, although in hind
sight I was glad. I met 2 dutch girls on the bus which was good as it gave me someone to talk to. We eventually ended up at a restaurant at about 20.30pm which it became obvious was planned all along as as soon as we let the lights were out. The rest of the journey was ok but it took about 5.5 hours in total so when we arrived were were all pretty tired. The bus actually stopped at a guest house on the edge of the city and they proceeded to take all of our bags inside. Myself andIlse and Miga decided we had had enough of being taken to places which we didn't expect and were to expensive so we grabbed our things and headed for a place in the book called Naga guesthouse. We flagged a tuk tuk and once those two were in with their bags the driver put my
bag in and the whole thing started to fall over!!! The guesthouse is OK and only costs $2 a night.