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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Dec 2005

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

MapToday myself and the dutch girls hired bikes and decided to cycle to the Temples of Angkor which are phenomenal.
There is not a lot of traffic in Cambodia so cycling is really easy. Loads of children shout hello as you cycle by and some even try to run along side.
We spent all day cycling around; about 23km in total, and climbing stairs and walls. My photos look really cool!
The only downside is that every time you stop at a temple there are loads of people trying to sell you things. Even children that look as young as 4 are asking you to buy postcards or something. At first I felt really bad but after a while the heat and exhaustion kick in and you get really annoyed by then.
Parts of the road were not even concrete but a red dust and full of pot holes and tire grooves. It is really quite an adventure. Most of the other tourist were being driven around in tuk tuks but for me the best way is to make it by yourself.
Of course by the time we came back we were sweaty and dirty and all had sore arses but it was worth it. Once the dirt came off I actually had something of a tan underneath.!
I am planning to head for Phnom Phen tomorrow by bus again but
thankfully the road has actually been laid and the bus has air con.
Cambodia is really easy to get around and almost everyone speaks
english. The only annoying thing is that everything is in dollars so
they try to rip you off when you use reil.