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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Dec 2005

Location: Phnom Phen, Cambodia

MapThe visit to the Genocide museum and the Killings Fields is a sombre
but necessary experience. The photos tell a better story than I could
but to be honest I think that visiting these places is the only way to
try to understand what went on. The Cambodia people are so friendly
and colourful that you almost wouldn't know that the genocide had
occurred only 30 odd years before.
Admittedly the Killing Fields are a bit surreal as the grass has now
grown over the mass graves and if it wasn't for the signs to tell you
what was excavated then it might look like any other field. Of course,
the scattering of human bones in places is a horrble reminder.
Cambodia is a place I will definitely revisit but I think only one
visit to these sites is required.