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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Dec 2005

Location: Phnom Phen, Cambodia

MapPhnom Phen to Saigon.
The bus ride was easy and I met these really nice guys on the bus so
we all had a laugh. Crossing the border was dead easy although or bus
decided to stop for lunch so we just grabbed our bags and walked
across the border. We looked like a bunch of hippies as they guys I
met had guitars with them and we were all dusty looking!
Vietnam is strikingly different to Cambodia. There are thousands of
moped drivers who seem intent on running me over and they are both
extremely hot and sweaty but ultimately they are very different
countries. Vietnam seems a bit more developed with better roads and
infrastructure and the standard of living seems a lot better than in
Cambodia. Also the locals seem more used to the tourists and there
seems to be less people with their hands out.
I met an Aussie on the bus so we decided to share a double room which
was in quite a nice hotel and I had my first hot shower in about 4