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clarawara’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Dec 2005

Location: Dalat, Vietnam

MapSince the weather was rubbish I decided to head for the Central
Highlands and a place called Dalat. It is a really nice town, very
laid back and surrounds by some beautiful country side. It actually
reminded me of home. This girl Kate and I decided to hang out together
and we hired bike riders to take us around the town and out to a place
called the Chicken Village. The village is home to at least three
generations of familys who live together and basically farm the land.
Some people even live in mud huts! Photos will give you an idea of
what it was like but I niavely didn't think people lived like that
We then visted a waterfall which was lovely and then some more
temples. I have to admit the temples are getting boring now.
Unfortunately there isn't much more to do unless you fancy some
abseiling or rafting but the weather was too cold and wet so that
wasn't going to happen.