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loz’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Mar 2006

Location: London, UK

MapYou know your life is quite silly when you refuse to stop drinking even if you simply dont have a penny to your name. Fortuante for Rai, Ella and I this dilemma doesnt cause much of an issue as we have the Boathouse for our alchoholic habits. We ought to call our selves the Three Desperado's. We purposely set bar tabs up knowing we cant pay for them. The best bit always is knowing that everything is going to be fine.
Managed to stumble home later on Sunday. Very very long weekend with no desire for it to end. We spent most of the time at Raimondo home, and Fabric was amazing. Kid Knobi was easilly the best of the night. The scariest part of the night for me was the full lazy eye. Now I dont know where this terrible feature comes from but it is not a very pleasent look. We all had our down points though, Ella complained of going in to a new reality, and well Rai was just his usual self, which is good enough.