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loz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Mar 2006

Location: UK

MapWell tonight is the night that Ella and I move home. we dont have to leave rannoch rd till Saturday but where going to take some stuff over as tomorrow is st paddys day and might be unable to move as there is some important guiness drinking to be done.

Last night was our last night with the boys. great ending to a great era. smoking weed in ur bedroon with the occassional crazy kiwi popping in and out wondering if we had the phone, or anything that they have lost but immediatly blamed us.

Its been an eventful several months and now i can see so much light at the end. with my trip actually forming and a new home, there is as much to look forward to, as there is to be missed.

I have cleverly constructed a trip through europe during the world cup, its a loz style adventure, 'Fluke it through Europe'. the only sensible thing i have pre prepared is buying a busabout bus pass that takes me everywhere and a plane tickets to amsterdam, and another from barcelona to london so i can get my flight home, when i decide that is???? But apart from that, i am freeee to do whatever i want on my trip. So if i get caught up somewhere i can stay. it makes sense. I'll start in Amsterdam and make my way down to Barcelona.