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loz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Mar 2006

Location: London, UK

MapWell eventually we have moved house!!! were now living in Fulham and how lovely it is. ella and i have moved into a shoebox and easilly made it look lived in.
Now there are always good and bad aspects of new homes.
here are the good aspects:
*we have a shop right opposite our front door!!! its huge and sells everything u could ever need
* We have new flat mates
* we have a door in our room that leads to a back garden that has a lawn and barbecue and allows us to enter our room without going through the house.

Now for the bad aspects:
* the shop closes at 8pm everynight. why??
* one of our flatmates has a mullet that is greasy and he is scary
* the door doesnt open, no matter how hard we try.

i am learning so much over here. the main thing i have realised is; No matter how hard you try somethings are just not meant to be perfet. keeps our lives interesting though.