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loz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Mar 2006

Location: UK

MapWell what a week!!!

Work has been extremely boring and I cannot wait till Friday and be finally out of this place. I have literally spent the last two weeks walking around the office pretending to work. Any job that I end up doing is boring and I quite simply just dont do it. What are they going to do?? Please fire me and give me my money!!!!

As far as the weekend went the Boat House once again became the centre of it all. Firday night Boathouse, then Walkabout. Saturday Boathouse then Thai Square, and finally sunday was spent drinking ridiculous amounts of alchohol with Eva at the Boathouse.

I did have full intentions of going to the science museum but that didnt happen. I blame the bad influences in my life, they come in all shapes and forms and from all directions. I'll let your imagination run riot.

The new house is going fine. Apparently according to Ella I have started World War 3 with the upstairs neighbours while I was in a drunken rebellious state. Who Knows?? They attempted to throw toilet roll into our window. Well thats what Ella and I assume. Me coming home pissed on Sunday night didnt help at all. All I can say is bring it on!!

Not much planned for the up and coming week, apart from working Boat Race day and doing some drinking spending and H&M'ing on Friday!!!