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loz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Apr 2006

Location: UK

MapSo its finally Good Bye to Raimondo. He was sent off with a crazy weekend that succesfully summed up his life in London. Brook and I are now left with our selves and some crazy boys to spend our weekends with. See ya The Raimond. Enjoy the sun!!

Since last Wednesday I have been in a pub. Thursday night i ventured out with Jack on a mission. Involved getting into trouble with the new boathouse staff for nicking the keys, and Jack stealing a whole leg of beef for a bbq. silly.
friday Rai brook and i went to the walkabout in Putney it was Rai last time.
Saturday went to Portobello markets and then went to groove armada, average set along with rai whingeing made it unbearable. bus ride and getting home was grand. shoe box was tested to its full potential.
sunday the three of us and harry went to the crabtree and then later the george jacks and hays joined. we had a great night.. theres so many details and stories but i can venture into details, as im lazy