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loz’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

MapI have a new job!! its a pub around the corner in fulham, and well perfect for some extra cash while im here. working part time so i can spend more time drinking and doing what i enjoy!!!

other news - brook and i are apparently getting evicted as we have not paid rent. out of our hands and well we tried. so after all the panic and the advice of everyone were not paying it. f--k them silly asians have dug them self a massive hole. their dodgy, no rent book, not declaring it to the inland revenue nothing. we have them wrapped around our little finger. so yeah very interesting. sure to keep u posted on this.

my 21st soon so were hopefully going to some rave?!! no idea. im not too fussed, either way i probably wont remember what i do so thats cool.

hope ur all well.