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loz’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Nov 2005

Location: UK

MapThis has been my first ever saturday off since starting at the luuurve boat house. as it is lisa and nicks birthday on monday we all decided to have a kind of party thing. basically that means me lisa and ela sitting in a lounge full of kiwis and rugby on the tv. we should of known then absolute recipe for disaster!
so we all drank and drank and drank. really struggle to remember details. all i know is by about 6pm ela had fallen down the stairs with lisa, fallen in the doorway some how with lisa, as well as breaking a bed with leitch? we successfully trashed our own home, just the residents not the guests. it was an absolute free for all.
later on we headed down to the local puzzwahhh for some drinks. gotta love it, some how i scabbed half a pizza off this guy. lisa reackons she was horrifed but not anough to help me eat it. so i think we were a bit over the puzzle and went home to then decide that the slut and legless was a better venue for us. hmmmm definatly the remixed trance bop bop version of country road was the hightlight. wicked day!