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loz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Nov 2005

Location: UK

MapOk its a monday, its lisa and nicks birthday - Of course were going to celebrate!

cam and i bought some cakes, i made sure we had some bucksfizz, u know the whole class no arse image happening. £2 a bottle cant complain, and lisa loved it! i know she trys to be the whole H&M but its the little things that let her down :-).

we had some drinks and some more, bit of cake, some celebrations like you do. went to the puzzle had roughly 36 shots in less than 10mins between 6 of us. thanks boys. i threw up in the middle of the puzzle, very very classy! headed back home and once again trashed the house. easilly one of the best nights ever!! thanks everyone. we may of broken the tv and caused some serious issues with the neighbours but it was worth it. and the coffee table is now our dance floor!! i have bruises all over my arms from sharing tooo much love on that table. Happy birthday lisa and Nick. i hope u had a good day and all the best for the up and coming year.