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loz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Oct 2005

Location: Cardiff, UK

Yesterday morning...... bright and early Chris, Lisa and I took a two day trip to Cardiff in Wales. We started at Barons Court tube station to take us to the National Rail for a 2hr train ride to Cardiff. Beautiful it was we had a really good time strolling around at a couple of fantastic castles. Alright weather but didn't stop us from doing anything. We then hit a pub at night and had a few drinks, well a bottle of wine later and then off to bed at Cardiff's Backpacker not far from everything. Came home following afternoon from a successful trip.

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Yesterday morning..... at some godforsaken time in the morning chris lisa and i took a two day trip to lovely wales, the land of inbred sheep shaggers - chris felt right at home. after a 2 hour train ride with some lovely views of the countryside particulary Bristol, such a pretty place. so we finally arrived in Cardiff the capital of Wales!!! woohooo as we walked out of the station we experienced some true welsh culture, townies who hang on any street bench with heaps of white cider to inrich their days, some classy sights.
we looked at some castle and more castles and stayed in a backpackers with the most bizarre bed sheets i have ever come accross, maybe they were designed for welsh people so their pillow doesnt fall off. went to a pub then ate and then we all piked it and went to bed. next day looked at another castle then caught a train back to safty. lovely trip

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