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loz’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Dec 2005

Location: Barcelona, Spain


How exciting, rai lisa and I are off on an adventure. ..

Barcelona is the most beatiful city, and that is in all aspects. As we all arrived into the La Ramaba, the culture, arts, and beauty of this city coverd us. There was so much to see, so little time (as we soon discoverd), and so much drinking as well as shredding brains to be experienced. Though for the first 2hrs Rai dragged us up and down insistent that he knew where the backpackers were. '
'Nice work out bruv!'
Well we eventually found the backpackers though to be perfectly honest I was loving walking up and down looking at the statue people, they are quality entertainment. We checked in found our room and had a fight about who gets which bunk.
Rai once again - 'Nice one Bruv'

The first day was spent struggleing and roaming. That night we went down to some beer hall, too much lager shouting, no music what so ever. nice place to see though. On the friday we carried on some bus tour, very lovely. We saw lots of sights and other things. and i really really enjoyed it. I remember at one point we were trying to find some nice authentic Tapas. Off the beaten Tourist Trap was our mission and it did prove a struggle. i think we actually sat down in three different Tapas bars and then walked out straight away. Anyway it turns out that Pizza was good enough.
That Friday night we had some drinks down at the backpackers bar. they only selled litre heiniken so lisa had to break down her beer phobia. She did fantastic, whoolfing the gallons dowm! We actually ventured into this bar on the thursday night but we got harrased by some tight jeans, greasy, melbourne wanker. his enthusiasm was scary. So lisa and i met some aussie true bluers, and american boy called gabriel, from Hollywood. turned out that they could have a laugh, and headed off for night. whooo this is where we met Maul, he also took us to one of his bars, met some nice people, had a chat and so on. ... That Saturday morning as it was a nice day we went into La Ramba we had some food in a lovely resterant. Then we were back on the bus seeing more sights. great day!! it was our last day so we were loving it. I was a wee bit stressed over work (long story) but once I called them we were fine. That night it was our last so we did have a high expectations at the least. we headed off to some bar and had some drinks. When the bar closed rai lisa and i casually walked for a while deciding where to go, we headed back to the backpackers where rai decided to light up a ciggeratte. we had no lighter as usual so he kindly asks a guy, jonny. We ended up going back to his spanish apartment, it was so beautiful. Jonny was a fantastic artist, and his home was so beautiful. I really really treasured that moment. we all signed his wall, and left. nearly 2 in the morning so we think we should head off to the back packers.
We were in some side ally in Barcelona, no idea where we were. Though the dodgy fellas selling beer are hanging around on the corners were around so we get some beer!! Then the strangest thing then happend, Maul appeared. we get chatting then he takes us back to his place which is a backpackers. more like a home. We had a very big night with maul. great fun, we all enjoyed it very much. and well before we knew it was 8am in the morning, and time to go, but not one of us could get up. we wanted to stay another night. we didnt have feel like leaving even though then we were fully aware of the concequences. Yep we f--ked our flight off. and stayed at maul backpackers. while we were there we ment some amazing individuals and it really showed all three of us so much. I know i gained so much from those people.
Anyway the whole guilt and worrying made us book a flight on the monday which was so expensive. but we had to head home. On the final night we sat around and got a wee bit messy cause of one particular drug. priceless.

It was an emotional rollercoaster on the way home but the trip was amazing. thanks so much lisa and Rai for that. I had a great time, and i spent it with some great friends. I know we'll laugh for years to come at this.