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Scott’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jan 2006

Location: Beaver Creek, USA

MapHi Everyone,

How is Australia? Hot I assume. Well it's quite the opposite here, it has been a very cold week, down to around -10 fahrenheit at night, that's about -23 celcius. Like I said.. cold. But it's all good, I'm having a great time. I've been working on my tricks lately, on monday I hired a pair on twin tip ski's (have tips on both ends so it's easier to land backward) and on my first try I landed a 180 backward (next it's the 360). However, on the last jump of the day I didn't quite make it all the way round, landed on the back of my head and knocked myself out cold... it was only for a few seconds, and was quite funny after I came around.. Luckily they say you only learn when you fall. (At least that's my excuse anyway).

What else has been happening... Hrmm. Basically I have been working..skiing..working..skiing, with a bit of partying in between.
I Have been to quite a few parties recently, it's good when you have got to know a few people, there is always something to do. Though most of the time I have little more energy after work or a long days skiing to do more than crash out, especially now that I'm trying much harder terrian more often (it really takes it out of you).

I'm very much looking forward to Thursday night, it should be interesting, Australia Day! Amazingly, it is a huge deal here, infact I had to buy tickets last week, just so I could get into the main event. I will definately take my camera and post some pictures of "Australia Day at Beaver Creek".

I don't have much to add to this blog, I really haven't done anything out of the ordinary lately to warrant a blog of its own. Hopefully in the next week I will be able to get out of Beaver Creek and Avon and expand my little world a bit. It become a little familiar around here despite the incredible surroundings.

Well I'm gonna go, I have to go and tidy my room and cook some food, it's my last day off today so back to work tomorrow, however, I do have firday off, I figured i didn't really want to work to the day after Australia Day, for some reason I might not be in the mood.

Take it easy all! Speak to you all soon.

All the best