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Kelly holidays’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Jun 2006

Location: London, England

MapWell as the song goes we are ' London still'. We are in the last two months of our journey here and have mixed feelings about leaving. Of course we are excited to be coming home to the lucky country and are eager to start a new chapter but we will be a little sad. We never intended to base ourselves in London but it has treated us so well. We have been so lucky with our jobs, met some lovely people and loved, loved, loved travelling off the pound.

The last few months have been especially exciting as we have had lots of guests (Amy's parents, Phoebe's parents and now Dave's parents) so it has been 'all go'. Soon we will have Peta come over and hope to catch up with her also if not here in England, perhaps over in Amsterdam.

We have 6 weeks of school remaining. We will tie up lose ends here then head home via Germany, New York, Canada and Hawaii. If all things go to plan it should nearly be a double Summer, bringing us back home in October... or if Dave has his way back in time to watch Collingwood in the Grand Final!

With love,
Amy and Dave