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Clare’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Oct 2005

Location: Florence, Italy

Well this week I have been to Venice, FLorence and briefly Pisa.
I left the UK on Sunday morning after spending the night in Stansted airport where I flew out to Venice.
I met up with Anna, Bridie and Kate (other Gappers) and Phil who is a local lad from Liverpool.
The only really bad thing about Venice is that I checked what the weather would be online prior to going and it said it would be mid plus 20's deg, so i packed for that. But when we got there it was sooo cold, it was like Aus winter at night! Not happy Jan!
We stayed in a caravan park youth hostel for two nights and it was really good.
It was 15 minutes out of Venice, but we had our own bar, resturant and supermarket within the complex so it was great.
Venice was soooo lovely. All the canals and buildings are so beautiful.
We went to Piazza San Marco Square which was beautiful. The Basilica (church started in the 9th century) is magnificant.
Also went to the Rialto Bridge. And the Bridge of Sighs where prisoners were taken over from the prison to the court house and they would "sigh" as they went over.
We also took a waterbus down the main canal and got to see heaps, so that was great.
Ate lovely pizza and pasta in Venice, drank cheap but nice wine and had an absolute ball!! Spent
We then ventured on to Florence in Tuscany to find yet another lovely city. There we saw the Cathedral or Duoma of Florence and the Statue of David to name a few.
Bridie and I waited 2 hours in the rain for Dave, but it was well worth it! I cannot belive that someone actually did that, especially in that era. It is soooo detailed from the hair to the finger nails, muscles and viens. It is amazing that it can be done out of marble, no wonder it took Michelangelo 4 years!
The main bridge in Florence is also really nice, there are apartments and shops built into it.
Florence is such a beautiful city. Even though there was heavy rain most of the time, it was still really lovely.
Then I flew from Pisa back to the UK. Unfortunatley I didn't get to see the Learning Tower and the Cathedral there, but I did manage to see it as the plane took off! And it looked magnificant from the air, so it must look great from the ground!