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Clare’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Sep 2005

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

We went to The Anne Frank House which was sooooo amazing to go to because I have wanted to go there since I was 10 or so. It was hard to fathom that they stayed there for so long with such a limitation of what to do, not knowing what was going on in the outside world (apart from the radio). But I suppose if you are trying to survive, anything is possible.
For diner that evening we were just going to have stuff from the supermarket and so Anna, Bridie and I ventured off to find one, leaving the guys in the city, but on the tram track to home.
But they decided to walk and conscequently got lost on the way! Evidently they had our room key, when we got back to the hostel, they were still not there for an hour, so we ate our dinner in the hall way! Good times.
Also visited the sex museum and the Red Light District. Found both quite disturbing but the Red Light District wasn't as seedy as I thought it would be.
Had a lovely dinner out in an English resturant. (how ironic)
There was a man doing a trapeeze (or however you spell that) thing on a mobile pole wearing ONLY a g-string. Leaving nothing to the imagination!!!!
We spent the last few days wandering around the canals and taking a boat around the main canals.
Beautiful city.