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Clare’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Nov 2005

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapWell I have just returned back to the UK from Salzburg my favourrite place in the world!! It was also my first "independant Euro" trip without Anna & Bridie!!!
When i arrived it was snowing, which is something I haven't seen for ages!
I soon explored the city but there was a blizzard, but it was still really nice.
Went on a Sound of Music Tour which went through the city, looking at many buildings that were featured in The Sound of Music. Then we ventured out of the city into the Lakes District, through the mountains, it was soooooo beautiful!!
Went to Mondsee, a really cute little village, where I ate traditional strudel. Also visited a few other towns, including where Motzarts mother was born, by Lake Wolfgang.
That afternoon I went on a tour of the salt mines, which are about 15kms out of Salzburg, another lovely drive.
During the tour, I crossed (under ground) the German border and went on a lake, also underground.
On the top of the mountain where the entrance to the mines are, a Celtic village was discovered in the 1800's. There was some artifacts that were found on display and also a reconstructed village.
This was really interesting but this combined with the drive there and back was def the highlight, even though I spent 40 Euro on the tour! But everything was included in the price!
On the way back, we went through Germany and Bavarian Mountains. I also saw (although not up close!) Hitler's Eagle's Nest.
When I got back I met some other Aussies and the next day we went touring the city.
We went to Mozarts house, the cathedral, another gorgeous but not so extravagant chruch. Then we wanded around the Christmas markets which have traditional gorgeous Christmas decorations and food.
Later that day, after drinking hot red wine (cannot remember the name at this point in my loife soz) and eating the best pizza I have had in Europe, we climbed the hill to the Fortress and the Abbey. There was the most beautiful view from there.
Then we walked through the snow covered forest, it was sooo amazing.
Tht evening I went ice skating outside in the snow in the Mozart Piazzafor a few hours with about 5 other Aussies and had a ball before heading back home.
see you soon