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Clare’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Dec 2005

Location: London, UK

MapWell i am still in London, but i am all packed and ready to leave!
on friday i am going to Liverpool where i am going to spend Christmas. Then on Boxing day i am jetting off to Cologne in Germany and making my way to the Bavarian mountains in south east Germany to meet Anna before we venture off to Salzburg for a few nights then to Munich for New Years!
Then we will be going to be in Prague for my 21st (not quite the 21st i had imagined, but i think it will be absolutly awesome to be there!)

We a then going to Poland to stay with Anna's house mate from England, who's family cannot speak a word of english, so it should be interesting!
Then to Vienna and on to Budapest.
After that, its a bit confusing cos we're not sure how long it will take to get to Rome.
But, we know our destinations from there.
i will write again soon from somewhere in Europe