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Clare’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Dec 2005

Location: Munich, Germany

MapWell my euro trip started on monday 26th when i flew from liverpool to cologne.
in cologne i went into the cathedral where it is thought that the three wise men are buried in a tomb. the cathedral is amazing and is no wonder why it took over 600 years to build.
after waiting for 5 hours in cologne til midnight, i took 3 trains to kempten which is in south eastern in bavaria, to meet anna.
at this point i didn' know any german and couldn't even say thank you.
so when i arrived in kempten, i found a station without a platform, an office or any of the usual station features. i felt like i was in the an extremly isolated area of russia! (sxcept there was a few houses and industrial places in view)
i soon established that clearly i was at the wrong station (which btw said "kempten ost").
so due to my lack of german, i had got off at the wrong station. i later established "ost" meant east.
then with luck clearly not on my side, i attempted to send a message to anna to tell her where i was. but unfortunatly my phone conveniently ran out of battery.
so i ventured off to find a pay phone, hoping that if the minute possibility that if i found a person on the way that for one might speak english, and know where a phone was.
i did happen to ran into about 3 people but unfortunatly, not even my primitive form of sign language could make them comprehend what i wsa attempting to ask!!
eventually, after walking 15 minutes or so, i found a phone box!!
but, it only took phone cards!!! not happy jan!!!
i ended up seeing two more card only phones before i found a shop that was open to buy a phone card!
so everything was fine after that!
Kempten was absolutly beautiful. snow everywhere and lovely houses.
i stayed with a lovely family who had a lovely big german house!! and lovely german food!!
we went skiing on a mountain close by and went skiing through the most gorgeous forest.
after that we went to visit a friend in a little village in a gorgeous house.
while we were there, a mini brass band came to play which is a tradition in their village at christmas. the band eventually visit every house in the village.
then we went sleighing on a hill in the dark. but it was heaps of fun.
everything is soooo traditional.
anna and i then went to salzburg on the 28th for two nights.
had a great time there. visited the fortress and many places featured in the sound of music.
so now we are in munich where we will be spending new year.
here until sunday then off to prague.