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Clare’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jan 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

MapWell have had an absolutley awesome week in prague.
will give you a run down of my week.

guy called dave who came from a town in czech.
so anna kept in contact with him and we met him at the train station in prague.
Well prague has the most seediest train station i have seen in europe so far.
there are clusters of people who look homeless, but it may just be their hang out, and they are the ones to look out for pickpocketing.
anyway, we met a czech guy we were sittting next to on the train and he waited with us at the station for our czech friend dave and even called him for us - small language and currency barrier at that point, so that was really helpful.
dave was awesome., he had soo much organised for us and introduced us to some of his friends who were all absolutley lovely.
we had dinner in a tradition pub. (czech traditions are very similar to german, food esp)
then we went to the old square and it was SOOOOOOOOOO amazing. i LOVE prague, i completly dont want to leave.
then we went to even more tradition pub and met more czesky people and had such a good!!
so that was monday night.
then on tuesday dave showed us around th city, old square, new square, charles bridge, prague castle, a few churches etc etc. it was rather awesome.

on wednesday night, decided to go for a walk at 11 ish. found a lovely traditional restuarant and had some nice traditional desert!! then we decided to try to find the pub we went to on monday night with the czesky guys cos we loved it so much.

so that night was just before my birthday
and we initially went there because as i am the "finance manager" atm, i wanted to go over a bit, and we thought that it was a nice venue to do so, but we ended up leaving at 4.30am!!

then as midnight clicked over, anna dragged an old man over to our table to sing happy birthday. very nice of them.

then another 3 guys came over to us and said they wanted to buy brithday drinks for us. they bought us french schnapps, and italian champagne (which isn't even champagne btw).
the guys all work at this awesome tea shop which is just across the road from our favourite pub. Its middle eastern and so cool. so the pub and the tea room became our little hang out.

so that was absolutley amazing start to my birthday.
then on thursday, we went shopping and stuff then anna and i went to see this concert of vivaldi, mozart and handel and it was fantastic. such a nice way to spend my birthday.

prague is at its best at night btw. then we walked around the exciting streets of prague. i think its so exciting and beautiful at night. its nearly mystical.
went to so many resturants to decide wht to have and what was cheap.
the czech currency, krown or something, is so weird. 1000 krowns are worth only 24 pounds but everything is soo cheap but soudns so expensive. ie we didn't want to have a meal somewhere cos it was 200 krowns for a main. now that is less that 6 pounds!!!!

we ended up finding this pretty cool jazz bar and had a three course meal (and they were big servings), a bottle of wine and a few soft drinks for 1000 which is 24 pounds. that is sooooooo cheap for europe.
on our table alex from melb and nick from sydney were seated.
so we had such a fantastic night, reminising about aussie and the rest of the world.

we had a great night but ended up in a night club which is what everyone else wants to do and it is fun most of the time, but nightclubs are just not my thing.
but i had such a good birthday.
then on friday we were supposed to leave to meet monika (polish friend) but we couldn't get in contact with each other (long story) so we ended up staying another night in prague. but we love prague so that was cool!
we had a room mate called oscar from venezoula (in south america can't spell that) and he was going to berlin, but we arranged to meet him for a few hours before he went.
we took him to our favourite tea rooms as we did everyone we met on the way!

then later that night anna and i were like we have to sleep and do organising and stuff cos we hadn't any accom booked for the next week!!!
but as per usual, we got talking to other travelers near the internet rooms then went down to the bar until 5am.
we met people from aussie, usa, italian speaking swiss.
we had such a good night and there were heaps of aussies there and except for anna, i haven't really spent much time with any aussies since sept really, so for a moment there, it felt like home, just in the most beautiful city in the world!!

Off to Wroclaw in Poland tomorrow. I have been told its even cheaper than Czech (don't know how thats possible!!)