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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Dec 2002

Location: Norway

MapENGLISH VERSION (ainhoa's words)
Hi everyone!
This is the story of two lovely spanish girls who didn't have time to update their web page for whenever they were off work and together, they'd go out and about, searching for new adventures, new places and loads of fun.
Nothing to do with being lazy though!
So, yes, the girls have been doing some stuff.
Last weekend was spent in the Trossachs (the more accessible Highlands, only an hour away from Stirling), land of Rob Roy, another scottish hero, kindda William Wallace. (both naught though).
The beautiful girls stayed in a cycle-hostel, run by a bizarre family (the gradma drove a 4wheel-drive car, the cats and the dogs were real friends, and Cathy, the hostess, was really stressed, even though the house and the sorroundings were the closest thing to peace and quietness on earth)
The lovelies hired two bikes for the day and rode from Callander to Strathyre, only 9 miles away. Easy ride along an old railway line, following a nice LOCH (LAKE!) and passing by BEN Ledi (MOUNT Ledi for the english) -note the difference in some terms...remember we are talking about a place where people say "EYE" instead of "Yes", "I KEN" instead of "I know" and "wee" instead of "small"-
The landscape was really nice and so was the weather.
The worst of the trip was probably the way back, when the pretty girls jumped on a bus FULL OF EVIL KIDS (and when we say evil kids, we really mean it, serious!)...Let's say...500 kids, the driver, Clara and Ainhoa...all together on the same bus, for an hour! The yells, the sweaty smell, the mess...all together a real experience! The young and gorgeous girls felt for the first time they were THE ELDERLY.
End of the story. Good fun!
Another story! As you all know, it's X-mas! Edinburgh is getting sorted for the occasion. Market streets, X-mas lights everywhere, ice-rink in the Gardens, X-MAS PARADE...THIS WAS FUN! Clara and Ainhoa, the nicest girls in the place, spent over an hour waving their hands to Santa, to the Snow-Queen and to the Scottish Pippers. Like Kids! Worst actually. (At this stage of their lifes, Ainhoa has decided she's keen on kids...maybe she feels closer to them...who knows!)
Well, we have to mention that the best meal ever was served not long ago in the lovely Lodge, by the lovely fire, all thanks to Pep, who was our chef for a night! Cathy came along too. (They both work with Guapa Ainhoa) Not only he cooked for the girls, but once finished, he played some card tricks and gave them some entertainment! Thanks PEP! Pep the Wizard.
Ainhoa is still hooked on soups, while Clara is fighting against her addiction to treats...and both decided they want to be dancers when they grow up. Clara is sorting her Michael Jackson's choreography...Ainhoa is improving her salsa steps... Very soon you will see them performing in the West End in London, surely!
At the moment, if you want to meet them in Edinburgh you can find them in The Elephant House, a cafe place full of treats and elephants. There the stunning girls try to catch up with the intellectuals...not with much success though...
Ever since they draw elephants...(remember they live without TV) and stick them to the walls of the lovely Lodge.
Lovely and tacky, still. Ainhoa got so sick of the dreadful decoration of her room that now she has made some changes...(we won't say whether it looks now better...)Clara is happy with her room, specially with her little mirror, the one she uses to make up every morning.

What else? oh yes, the girls, the beautiful girls, have met the neighbours. So, yes they started socialising. Soon they will be meeting for an afternoon tea, since this has become another of Clara's obsessions!

Important thing! Yesterday it was Two Months since the wonderful girls moved in Edinburgh!!! To celebrate weekend they are receiving the visit of many people! Timotao and Rodney, Raffa from Dublin, and Montse, Clara's sister, are joining them for a bit of fun! GOOD!
The trees have no leafs, the skies are beautiful early in the mornings and late in the evenings...and the sea-gulls wake the girls in their days off. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...and so the girls are!

Enjoyed the story??