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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Dec 2002

Location: TORREDEMBURGO, Scotland

MapOK. RIGHT!!!!!! This is the third time that we write this bloody story!!! Our computer has been cut off ...just when we were about to download the text!!! Ainhoa got so...pissed off...she went to the gym to stress out, then she came back...and now, after the second time the computer breaks down...she's still thinking of going back to the gym....
She wont....
First new: Sexy Sonia is here with us! She's having some fun with another computer, trying to sort out her cv...she's after a job obviously...soon she'll be sick of the rest!
Last week the Lovely Lodge received the visit of many friends: Timpotato from Coventry, Rodney from London's Sesame Street, Raffaella from Dublino and Monste, from Palma de Mallorca.
They all met for loads of fun and cold. Time was spent doing some sightseeing, drinking in some scottish pubs, ice-skating in Winterland and laughing at the stinkiest woman on earth...(ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!)
They also had time to had a lovely spanish dinner, being spanish omelettes and Majorcan Sausage the stars of the meal...and after that, everyone drew an elephant and stuck them on the walls ( funny habit carried out by the girls since they were living in the Lovely House in then they were FISHES though.)
With the arrival of the guys...the city started burning, some building collapsed and all the fire men stopped their strike... so Clara and Ainhoa decided they had to kick out their friends...Only Montse stayed for a bit longer...!
Montse and Clara did some more visits to the city and ate many lunches at the Elephant House (our second home) Montse is still drying off her bones...from the cold she had to deal with over here...
Clara went to Melrose Abbey (some photos coming up soon) and she found it absolutely beautiful and romantic...although her trip was awful : for the second time she had to share the bus with millions of evil kids (said BAIRNS in scottish...with a strong rolling rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
Clara's got only three more weeks to go...she'll be off to Denmark soon...On the other hand, Sonia is delighted with her new city...She says: ja ja ja i am starving (we still have not had our lunch) well, she also says: I AM GONNA POLISH MY MARACAS!

Right guys, see yous later! EYE!We are off for lunch.