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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Jan 2003

Location: UK

MapWell's Ainhoa here. Back to Edinburgh...with a very stylish blonde mullet...she's a happy chick...! Happy to be back, happy to have left the bloody Menzies Hotel...happy to be able to sleep in...and not having to go to work till three or four...meaning...having loads of time to do stuff in the city! Happy to have got rid of her dodgy lovely purple bike...and have bought a new shinny silver one (with no name yet...any suggestions?) ...happy to work in The Scotsman (she took over Clara...remember?) and be taken care of! Happy happy happy!
New year new me!
Edinburgh is still lovely, the lovely lodge is even lovelier and the girls are planning to do few things soon...such as...a trip to London...for Ainhoa's birthday!!! More news coming up soon!