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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Jan 2003

Location: East Lothian, Scotland

MapHi everybody! Here is Sexy Sonia after polishing her maracas! Ainhoa promised a new update about our new adventures but, as she said, you'll have to wait because now that I'm awake she's working so... Let's gonna talk a bit about the one-day trip I went two weeks ago when I was MacCouly Coulkin (sorry, but I have no idea about the spelling of that funny name!).
I decided to visit Tantallon Castle which is in North Berick, a East Lothian coastal town. But I wanted to see other towns and bays in between, so I bought a one-day bus ticket to be able to get off at any place I liked! And it was a good idea actually: first I stopped at Aberlady, a beautiful small hamlet with a nice bay from where you can see many birds, and so I did! Next bus took me to Gullane, a bit bigger but still lovely place, above all the "Gullane Bends" which are old sandy dunes by the see with a very interesting flora. You'll see the pictures!
After a long walk along Gullane bay, I went to Dirleton and the Dirleton Castle. Pretty castle and free for Sexy Sonia!!!! The hostess wasn't there so I just walk in for free!!! So happy! Nice gardens too in front of the castle. You'll see the pictures too!
And finally I get to North Berick where there is a Bird Sanctuary although I couldn't see many probably because it's winter time and birds are not silly and they go to spend these months to warmer places... Not like me!!! It was about 2 p.m. and it had started to get colder and windier but I wanted to go until Tantallon Castle. So I asked a treatsman how I could get there, if there was any bus, because I knew the castle was out of the town. Treatsman told me that during the winter there are no buses going there and that the shorter way it was walking across the cliffs... And so I did... Walking and walking up to the cliff, down to the beach, then up to the cliff, then down again, then up.... And do you know why I couldn't walk just straight to the castle???? Because there was a ####### golf course there!!!!! I hate golf!! I hate golfers and their funny trousers and their odd caps and their heavy balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I kept walking up and down full of anger against capitalist golf sport and OF COURSE it started getting dark so... I decided to go back to North Berick to have a coffe while smoking a rollie!! And that's what I did!! Couldn't see Tantallon Castle, but I had a nice adventure, even falling down and all that stuff!!
Kisses to everyone!! Credit running out!