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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Feb 2003

Location: The Borders, Scotland

MapHey guys! Beautiful and sunny Monday...the girls have been pretty busy all over the last week...Working in the evenings as usual and doing some stuff during the mornings...time here is very well spent!
Two weekends ago the girls spent a day out in Melrose, beautiful and small village with a very nice ruined abbey. (it is one of the top forties of Scotland you know...and the girls wouldn't miss it!) The visit to the abbey was good...although it was far too least for Ainhoa (who forgot her thermal underwear home...) so they went in a very scottish pub for a bit of warm up before cruising up to Edinburgh their way back and once on the dodgiest bus ever...they enjoyed the company of the famous evil Kids (who knows...maybe they were the same kids Clara was talking about no long ago...when she did the same trip...)
It was good fun.
Last weekend was also a busy one..starting with Saint Valentine's day (both girls working and serving lovely and not-so-lovely couples till late at night)...after that...they deserved a long drink! and they had it...!
Saturday after work...there was a party held at Jackie's place (or..the house of the it has been just named...) Jackie works with Ainhoa and Beth...and lives right in middle of the Royal Mile.
The reason for the party was one girl had just moved in..but how funny...this girl is no longer staying in instead of a welcome party, it became a leaving party ...and, at the same time, a welcome party for another guy who is moving in...taking her place...Whatever the reason for that party is not important anymore...The party was fantastic. Many people, many nationalities, many drinks, many laughs... Ainhoa,Sonia, Jackie, Grace, Graham, Sara, Jo...they all finished the night pretty wasted
...some eating sandwiches made with five "out-of-date" eggs (not off though..!) which had been prepared by Ainhoa, the chef, run to the living room by Graham, the runner..and eaten by the starving guys! So far nobody has fallen sick yet...;-)
The girls went back home sunday very early ...with a little friend...which is now their new flatmate...and even friends of señor will soon meet it! ...i meant...him!
Yesterday,Ainhoa, Jackie and Grace joined Beth (ainhoa's boss) and her friends at her place for some champagne...and after that, they had some sushi and loads of fun! Some photos will come up soon...!

And tomorrow...the girls receive the visit of Conchi!!! wow!!! more fun still to come!

Spanish version coming up soon too