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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Mar 2003

Location: Slovakia

Maphey everyone!its ainhoa,sonia,conchi and paco here...from London!
Conchi and Paco have bought a beautiful monkey that blows bubbles...and we are really impressed.
Paco wants to say something: he doesn´t really want to say anything....but Conchi also bought a very weird plastic duck that can be very loud.
Paco says, we all have to meet up somewhere somehow, that is, Rafa and Eva, Raffa and Tizi, Jankel and Eli, Tim and Nick, Sonia and Ainhoa, Clara and whozzbad, Conchi and Paco, Eugenio and Monica, Senor Mujon and Tetas de Plastico, Sonia again and Selena, Spiderman and Santa, mmmmmmm....Ada and Miss Naughty, mmmmmmmm Max and his bike, mmmmwho else? two wally dogs, Super Silver and Maravillas,mmmmm,Pili y Mili,....Honroso and los tagardinos de Locapon....all relatives are welcome....!
Bullshit! these guys have lost the plot!
Of course, Eli and Jankel, don´t you think that we forgot the travel to Guadalajara, someday... pero sin ratones, je, je,,,
Conchi y Paco tienen un super lovely flat en Kensal Rise y se sienten tan a gustito en su barrio que Paco sale a la calle con zapatillas. Conchi no para de hablar....bla bla bla...y ya no lleva sus zapatos de los ha arreglado!
Vamos a montar una comuna hippy en breve....alguien interesado? no importa donde siempre que sea entre el mar y la montaña.
Esto es todo amigos. hasta pronto Brrrrrrrrrrrr.(esta es Conchi despidiendose) rrrrrr......rrrrrrrr.............- ...... (este es Paco rrrrrabiando)
Sonia dice brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr y Ainhoa dice que tambien.