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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Mar 2003

Location: UK

MapHappy Bithday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu happy bithday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Ainhoa is now 28. Yes. Older and wiser. But she still looks young oh-come-on!
and she is happy :-)
To celebrate this event, Sonia and Ainhoa went to London for a week-end. They had a ball! Really! Sonia had not been there for a year and half, you can imagine how excited she was!
Conchi and Paco offered us a bit of rest in their beautiful Cosy Flat ...since we had not had any sleep at all when we reached London....Actually, we could say that Conchi rescued us from losing the plot by listening to the speakers in Hyde Parks'Corner...
After catching up with them and watching bits of Big Lebowsky (great movie) we met Max, Passerotto number One of the World.
Sonia and Max met again after so long...they were very emotional and happy!! Soooo, three passerottos together...this was a very special ocasion...we went dancing...and we did dance! Heaps!
The following morning, with sore bodies...we jumped on the London Eye to enjoy the views of the city. Such a massive city! We have to say that now that we live in Edinburgh...we feel a bit like living in a small village...and going back to such big place was pretty shocking for both of us...:-/
Then we walked...and walked...and walked...a lot!From the London Eye to Marble Arch, and not in a straight line, but doing many circles and stopping here and there. Exhausting man!!!
That night only one passerotta went back to Chipac's place, where Conchi had cooked a yummy dinner and cake!!! with loads of candles to blow!!! yooohooo! After a while, Eugenio joined the party. It was great to see him again...! Eugenio also comes from the Lovely House...such a small world!!!
Last day in London was spent strolling in Hyde Park and kensington Gardens, then up to Notting Hill and Portobello, where we sat for a meal and a bottle of wine, in one of our preferred restaurants. Conchi joined us with the wine... and we all had to rush back to Kensal Rise (where the Cosy Flat has its place) to get our backpacks and luckyly reached the airport on time to fly back to small and quiet and beautiful Edinburgh....!!
It was a fast weekend, a bit stressing too. But it was great time and we enjoyed as ever....!
Thanks to lovely Conchi and lovely Paco and lovely Passerottoooooo!!!!
Happy to be back, though, now we are waiting for the arrival of some other friends who are coming next weekend. Will let you know what is going on!!!
Spanish version coming soon...!hope so...